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Next Generation Orthotics PTY LTD is an Australian company founded by Australian Podiatrists.  Utilizing our skills and expertise in over 40 years combined experience in private practice in Australia, we have developed a range of pre-fabricated foot orthotic devices (to be launched intermittently) that we know will greatly benefit the end user and the practitioner/retail outlet who supplies them.   Our Orthotic designs are state of the art. Utilizing materials we know from experience, through the prescription of thousands of foot orthotics, will create the desired effect on the foot and lower limb, survive the wear and tear of daily life and continue to maintain high levels of function as the devices age.   Every angulation and feature in the device is specifically and carefully created to ensure high levels of function and control, while not compromising on comfort.

5° Hybrid™ Foot Orthotics

Adventure Media Ltd. is the distributor for 5° Hybrid™ Foot Orthotics of Next Generation Orthotics PTY LTD.  

Designed by Australian Podiatrists, Next Generation Orthotics PTY LTD. presents the new standard in orthotic design. Our Hybrid construction creates the perfect blend of comfort, support and performance.


The 5° HYBRID is designed for people with a low to medium arch height, requiring moderate anti-pronation support.  The combination of Nylon-Fibre and Polyurethane gives the support and feel of Custom Foot Orthotics with the flex and cushioning of Pre-Fabricated Orthotics.


Our COMFORT DOME creates a gentle lift through the forefoot, ensuring comfortable support through the Transverse Arch and aiding in 1st Metatarsal Joint Function.




  • Plantar Fasciitis / Plantar Fasciosis

  • Shin Splints

  • Achilles Tendinopathy

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Morton’s Neuroma

  • Intermetatarsal Bursitis

  • Knee Pain

  • Bunions

  • Illiotibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITB)

  • Aching/Tired Feet


If symptoms persist after orthotic use, please contact your health care provider.

The 5° Hybrid™ Foot orthotic insoles combine the experience of over 40 years in orthotic prescription and design. 

The orthotic insoles are designed to create a high level of structural control under the feet, without compromising on the comfort for the wearer. 

The '5°' refers to the rearfoot angle, an area most pre-fabricated designs ignore or don't understand the significance, and therefore don't account for that design characteristic in considering the remainder of the orthotic design.

These orthotic insoles suit a medical practitioner to use in prescription for patients, or in a retail environment as a sporting or health accessory. 

  • Testimonial from Dr. Shaun Bergin
  • Testimonial from Dr. Grant Burrows
Testimonial from Dr. Shaun Bergin
Dr. Shaun Bergin - Podiatrist Owner Fairfield Podiatry, Melbourne, Australia

"The 5° Hybrid is the first prefabricated foot orthotic that is genuinely close to some of the custom foot orthoses I prescribe on a daily basis. 

Its shape and materials mean I can use it as a real alternative to custom foot orthoses, thus saving myself and my patients time and hundreds of dollars. 
Simply the best prefabricated foot orthotic available!"

Testimonial from Dr. Grant Burrows

The detailed description about the features of the product

The 5° Degree Hybrid Foot Orthotic is the ultimate blend of comfort, control and performance for the public.

The 5° rear foot angle (the angular difference in height between outside of the heel and inside of the heel) has been specifically chosen by our Podiatrist's create a comfortable amount of control that contours gently into the arch support of the device. 
With all of our combined years of clinical experience we know that these angles/support give us the best clinical outcomes. 
Most pre-fabricated foot orthotics available on the market ignore rear foot angles. Thus to have enough control in the device they need to make the arch height high, which they are unable to do because the orthotic then becomes painful to the wearer. 
By utilzing rear foot angulations we are able to gain more control, and use stronger materials, without compromising the comfort. 
The Comfort Dome is designed to give a gentle lift through the forefoot, ensuring comfortable support through the transverse arch and aiding in 1st metatarsal function.

Our Coolmax fabric creates an effective fibre-based moisture management system.
The angulations of our device are key to why it is so good compared to others. It might pay for you to meet with Brock in Hong Kong when possible so he can help you fully understand these features and the significance of them. Additionally it will enable us to determine better how to assist you with promotional material. 
In summary:

  • Every angle considered
  • 5° Rear foot corrective angle
  • Midfoot and arch angles to compliment the rear foot
  • Metatarsal comfort dome for transverse arch support
  • Thermoplastic shell to ensure longevity of effect
  • Polyurethane top cover for shock absorption and comfort
  • Coolmax® top lining for reduced moisture build up

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) that set the product apart from its competitors

1) Designed by Australian Podiatrist's untilizing their clinical experience to optimise buyers outcomes and satisfaction.
2) We use stronger materials than most of our competitors. We are able to do so while remaining comfortable, because of the rear foot angle, and the flow of subsequent angles from heel to forefoot. 
To elaborate: Most orthotic products use EVA or shock absorbing material as their primary material. They may incorporate a thin thermoplastic piece to try and increase the strength of the device, but ultimately because of the shape and design they are unable to make the thermoplastic rigid enough to have any real significance on the function of the orthotic. 
Because of our design we are able to use thermoplastic (Nylon Fibre) as our primary material for functional impact. That means that our device starts with more functional control and over time, while the top covers will wear as expected, like every other device, the main part of our device will hold its shape and primary material properties
Thus the function of our device starts superior and remains so for a number of years (versus around 4-6 months of others). 
The combination of Nylon-Fibre and Polyurethane gives the support and feel of Tailor/Custom made Foot Orthotics with the flexibility and cushioning expected of Prefabricated Orthotics.
No other devices that we are aware of have attempted the level of control we have. They have been unable to because their combination of angles does not allow them to. If other devices were made with our materials, they would be uncomfortable. 
In summary:

  • Superior combination of materials
  • Superior combination of angles
  • Superior build and construction
  • Superior Support and function
  • Longer lasting support and function
  • Longer lasting primary function material

3) We have utilized/partnered with an already popular brand in Coolmax® to improve patient confidence in our product.

Product Ingredients/Materials: 
Polyurethane, Nylon Fibre and Polyester