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Welcome to our world of HUD for your car

HUD Main Features:

1.  Plug and Play connectivity with any OBDII or EUOBD capable vehicle;

2.  2D visual effect

3.  5.5” screen

4.  Multi colour design makes the screen easier to read highlight important details for quick viewing;

5. The use of nanotechnology to eliminate unwanted reflections making the information easier to read;

6.  Ability to display a huge range of car statistics including: speed, engine rotational speed, water temperature, battery voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, local time,single driving time,mileage measurement, shift reminder, fatigued driver reminder, low voltage alarm, high temperature alarm, speed alarm, engine fault alarm, fault code elimination, ability to change units e.g. Kilometre/mile

7.  Auto power on and off with the vehicle

8.  Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode

We have got CE, FCC and ROHS. 
We have many models and all of our HUD are with multi colors and multi functions.
Our quality is good: We use the best material to produce the best goods and all of the products have CE, ROHS and FCC certificates.

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